Sunday, March 14, 2010

Advantages and Options For Motorcycles

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Enjoy This Blog. Emissions standards are not very strict. The fact is, motorcycles are responsible for nearly 15 times more pollution per mile than most other vehicles. This is an astonishing number. US Electric motorcycle makers are simply not required to make their engines be very clean and efficient. In Europe, the situation is slightly better, but still not very good. Until stricter laws force motorcycle manufacturers to adhere to tougher pollution standards, motorcycles are not a truly green choice.

All is not lost, however, as New Energy Economy models of motorcycles are in development that include an idling stop system that should reduce fuel consumption as well as emissions simply by turning off the engine instead of idling when stopped or stuck in traffic and other situations.

Hydrogen Powered Motorcycles

A UK company has developed the first motorcycles that will be powered by fuel cells. The motorcycles run on detachable hydrogen powered fuel cells, which will be virtually noiseless and reduce power consumption. These motorcycles can run for up to 4 hours or 100 miles without the need to refuel and should be available soon in Europe.

Electric Motorcycles

Motorcycles that are powered by electricity are also now an option. It is now possible to find instructions online to build your own electric motorcycle. For those without a do it yourself mentality, there is now the Enertia, an electric motorcycle made by Craig Bramscher. The Enertia apparently gets a stunning estimated 279 miles per gallon and emissions are a tiny fraction of other Environmentally friendly vehicles such as the Toyota Prius or Tesla Roadster. It looks pretty slick too!

Green Motorcycle Accessories

Let's say you love motorcycles but still want to make some eco-friendly choices as far as accessories? That's possible too. When selecting your apparel such as t-shirts, jackets and gloves, look for products made of recycled, sustainable or organic materials, textiles and fabrics. In addition, a company in Switzerland is now collecting old DVD's and CD's to be recycled and used to make motorcycle helmets. Made from a polycarbonate plastic, the DVD's and CD's are known for their strength and impact resistance, as well as their optical quality. Finally, a great use for those old AOL CD's! Don't forget to switch out that disposable plastic water bottle with a reusable, stronger and endlessly refillable aluminum bottle to keep you hydrated during those long motorcycle rides.

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    Soon, the quantity of motorcycle on the street will reach it's peak and cause a very terrible traffic jam. Start from now we must consider about using mass transportation, or maybe back to "oldfashioned style" - Bicycle. :p..

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