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The Use of Formwork in Construction

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There are many different types of formwork used in construction, usually differ according to what the building requirements and challenges. Formwork is used to make molds of wood, steel, aluminum, or prefabricated forms into which concrete is poured. This was then allowed to harden and set after it was stripped naked, or in the case of live-in-place formwork that is left as part of the structure.

Formwork allows contractors to build the player and the main part of a building that needed to be strong and supportive structures such as floors and walls, as well as parts of smaller buildings such as a relatively quick steps.

Types of Formwork
There are various types of concrete formwork used in construction. Formwork traditional wood using wood and plywood to form a mold for pouring. This method is cheaper than other methods, but is not effective because the wood is not as strong as metal or steel. However, in those parts of the building complex that requires great attention to detail, timber formwork is still widely used.

Engineering prefabricated formwork system uses molds made of metal frame, usually either steel or aluminum. Formwork engineered much cheaper and faster to use than traditional formwork. Frame is very strong and rarely need replacing, reducing the cost. Because the engineered formwork systems, their construction is faster and requires less labor, again saving money. Simple structure can be built with plastic reusable formwork system (a type of engineered formwork), which consists of strong, lightweight, each system.

Stay-in-place formwork is generally used to support the parts of the structure. This type of formwork insulating concrete forms filled with reinforced concrete and, once established, remains in place.
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