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Wordpress Theme

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Along with its Progress Technology We can easily access anything via the Internet. As an example we can Selling online with an authorized capital stock in use is a Blog. In the Blog's a theme affecting visitors, eg if in a blog We Blog Title Automotive But our theme is Ugly and not fun at everyone else look so lazy visit our blog. if people just lazy visit our blog Merchandise When we sell. that's one example. For people who did not understand correctly about the blog or lazy to make their own theme, it was very difficult. So it Lots Of Website providing live we use a direct theme or free. themes that I discuss the theme of this wordpress blog. if you ask me a lot of choices and fun at wordpress. For sites that are favorites to get free wp themes yes this is the place. 

With a Wordpress Theme website you can choose from the thousands of themes available out there. Some themes let you change your entire color layout with the click of a button, others let you keep the overall theme but change the width, or number of columns just by checking a box. Not only that, WordPress designers are constantly working to create new and better professional quality themes that users can purchase for a very reasonable price.

Add to the fact that the tradition theme usually requires expensive website design software like Dreamweaver or Microsoft Expressions (where WordPress is free) the choice seems to be a no-brainer.

So how does it work?

Here's what happens when you change your theme:
1. You choose a new theme and upload it to your dashboard.
2. You go to the 'appearances' section of your dashboard, click your theme and confirm.
3. That's it!

Here's a little description of the anatomy of a Wordpress Theme website along with which parts are 'theme-based' and which are 'content-based':


Header - The header is that top portion of the website. The header changes with your theme.
Columns - Many themes have two or three columns. The layout of these columns is based on the them.
Footer - The footer is usually theme-based. This means if you do any major customizations in the footer (the very bottom of the site) they will usually need to be re-done or copy/pasted when you change themes.

What's important to realize here is that your theme is completely separate from your main website content. A theme is like a "dress and makeup". You can quickly and easily change looks anytime you want.

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