Thursday, February 18, 2010

Technological Advances

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mobile phone shops, Since mobile phones are not cheap, parents need to spend more money. Apart from the cost, parents must also consider the negative impact of the hand-phone.

Because of his use of mobile phones now can hardly be avoided, parents can take this as an opportunity to teach children some basic things about money discipline. Because this is about something close to the hearts of children (and the fact that they may lose their mobile phone privileges), the lessons are more likely to sink

Sooner or later your child will likely want to have his own phone. Make and because research has shown that cell phone radiation can cause changes in human cells that may affect the brain and thus can cause brain tumors. The younger the child the greater the risk.


Questions about when, or even whether, to give your child's hand phone needs consideration. Parents want the security of knowing that their children can reach them quickly and easily at any time.

If most of your child either in school or at home, then there is no need for a phone that you can easily be reached if needed.

However, if your child is often far from home, such as attending college classes, you may want him to be able to reach you anytime anywhere.

mobile phone shops
One disadvantage is your child can spend too much time on the phone to make calls that are not necessary.


One of the things to consider before handing the phone is responsible for how your child and whether she was willing to accept the limits that you set for himself. Regulation is needed to avoid conflicts over the use of the phone.

Rules that must be clearly defined to include the maximum monthly phone bills by hand and who he could call. A child called debt showed lack of discipline and discipline is important in helping him manage his income in the future.

So be prepared to take a call off temporarily or even permanently if he does not comply with the agreed rules.

Which model?

What he needs is a basic model because the goal is to make calls and SMSing (short message service) my friends and family. He certainly did not need a phone that provide 3G mobile services. Because for most types of 3G which uses people who want fast Internet connections. able to buy mobile phones in mobile phone shops

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