Thursday, February 18, 2010

Learn to the World

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A World Map depicts the continents. And the countries. It also has the cities. And the mountains and rivers. And it also has the seas and oceans. It could all get a little too much. To start with, our world has countries. If you look at the World Map carefully you will find many countries and if you counted them, you will find that there are 193 countries in all. These are the countries that have been recognized by the UN. There are 10 more countries which are partially recognized by the United Nations.

Now it does seem to be a well nigh impossible task to learn them all lest alone to be able to draw them out. But if we approach the problem systematically, it is possible to learn to draw the countries on a World Map. Yes all of them. It is also possible to learn where they are placed exactly. We must follow a systematic approach. We will now break down the process of learning to draw the World Map here:

1. First look at the continents on the World Map

* There is North America and South America joined by a small sliver of land
* Move right across the Ocean and you will reach the map of
* Africa and on top of it
* Europe and adjoining them both
* Asia and as you keep going right on the Asia map and look down you can see
* Australia

2. Now take the continents one by one to learn the countries inside them

3. First take North America. Look at the shape. It is funnel shaped. And at the bottom end of the funnel a small pipe like attachment leads to a large continent on the map

4. South America is a large triangle going well and truly below the Equator largely in the Southern hemisphere in the World Map

5. Similarly you can simplify the different continents

Once the continents have been drawn simply, you now have to reckon the countries

Take each continent one by one and simplify the lines which form the borders between the countries into straight lines.

Once that is done, take 5 to 6 countries at a time and join their names by a system known as MNEMONICS

This way you will know the exact sequence of countries

I'll give you an example

"NOT SO FAST" to remember the Scandinavian countries: NORWAY, SWEDEN, FINLAND

When you remember "Not So Fast" you will never forget that Norway comes first, Sweden second and Finland last going from West to East

I have devised and done this two steps for ALL the countries on the World Map viz

1. simplification of the borders between countries so that it becomes easy to draw and
2. mnemonic sentences to mimic a particular string of countries

and this has been done for ALL the 193 countries .

For an example with graphics look at my blog:

I love maps. World Map in particular. When you look at the World Map, there is too much information. Too many lines going hither thither. Information overload. Thus I have always been interested in simplifying it. So, I have developed this system by which YOU CAN ACTUALLY DRAW THE WORLD MAP AND ALL THE 193 COUNTRIES ON IT. I can even show you to draw the 10 partially recognized countries by the UN. They are Kosovo, Palestine, Northern Cyprus, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Transnistria, Western Sahara, Somaliland, Taiwan and Nagorno Karabakh. If you learn my system, drawing these countries on the World Map becomes easy too. Thanks for stopping by. Sid.

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