Friday, February 19, 2010

How to Communicate With Your Children

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So what is the key to good communication with your child? You need to know what your child's primary sense system is. There are three senses that dictate how we take in information and how we output information. These are visual (V), auditory (A), and feeling or kinesthetic (K). Once you know which of these your child uses primarily, you will be able to communicate with them on a new level.

You can determine which of these a person uses just by listening to them speak. Think of three people who all went for a walk in the forest. One talks about the sight of the sun coming through the trees and hitting the forest floor (V), one notes the sounds of the birds (A), one talks about the feel of the forest around them and the feel of the sunlight on their skin (K). Each of these people use a different sense system because that's how they experience the world.

Here are some other tips on how to communicate with your child based in their primary sense system.

Visual children will like a lot of eye contact and they prefer pictures, colors, shapes, and neatness. You can communicate with these children through drawing pictures and color coding. Auditory children will prefer sounds, voices, and recordings. These children are easy to talk to. Kinesthetic children prefer touch. They need to be touched during a conversation and they derive security from touch. It is also important to note that young children are generally primarily kinesthetic and will begin grow into their permanent sense system as they reach school age.

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