Friday, March 12, 2010

Monetise Your Blog/Website

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Monetise Your Blog/Website. Using a system such as the upcoming Traffic Ultimatum (out March 18th) it's possible to drive masses of traffic to your website and get thousands of visitors looking through your pages. This of course is what so many webmasters want and a great opportunity to start making cash so it's crucial if you want to make money from your site that you make sure the opportunities are there to start earning that cash. If you set up your site now to be ready to make loads of cash, then when you start driving the traffic there with Traffic Ultimatum you'll be able to make the most of that traffic and turn it into cash.
So what are some of the ways to monetise your website? Well the simplest is definitely using advertising and the most popular way to do that is through Google Adsense. Simply go to Google and look for their Adsense page and you can start building ads to put on your page. Here you simply paste the code onto your site and various adverts will be displayed that are relevant to the content of your website. You will then be paid a minimal amount when a visitor clicks on the advert, meaning it's important to know how and where to position your ads to be most likely to attract attention. If you position them well then you can stand to make a fair bit of money from your Adsense over time and if you do this across lots of sites and pages it can start to generate a decent income for you.

Another form of advertising involves simply selling advertising space on your site as you would were you running a magazine. This will give you a fixed income with no work on your part and is nicely stable, but obviously it's harder to get takers. Here you will likely need to build your traffic first so that you can use your statistics to attract the advertisers to your site. Leave a space in your site design then for a third party advert or two and then start promoting it after Traffic Ultimatum does its work.

One system that many SEO experts and web gurus prefer over all others is to sell affiliate products on their site. Here you sell an e-book, supplement, DVD or anything else on behalf of another individual or company (even Amazon have an affiliate scheme) and then get a large commission for your trouble. This simply involves writing some promotional material and then including a link at the end. The link will be supplied by the owner of the product and will contain data to inform them that the buyer came from your site. Check out 'Clickbank' for the biggest selection of affiliate schemes.

Of course you can also sell your own products or services on a site too, and many people make their own eBooks and sell these for 100% commission. Of course this requires some technical knowledge but an added bonus is the satisfaction that everything on the site is 'yours'.

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