Monday, April 26, 2010

Education in france

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 Positive aspects of UN Pour over the family who move to France pour A Good Education in france.

The first came, we had two children go to Primary, who came from a school with more than 35 school classrooms used OF 22 Children Who Have Really Opened My Eyes, nothing in the UN You Time must master the language, without being EC Challenges of anyone at the school speak English!
ANOTHER one girl from 40 degrees in England,  cours particuliers à Lyon 18 against the school years and pendant What difference!

The first day on campus, Also Open Our Eyes Great children over age. The EST system is very simple but very effective. Education today EST Totally different experiences Past. In France, the following took the opportunity to learn Spanish, French Second In The South West. You'll never be America, its Have Choice of full UN website EST Now Have Available UK and we discovered that the three children who were very successful and correct is IT pay Quebec indicate the elements Unlike Made Their total education program.

The most difficult aspect of education to our children at the age of high school, and not the ONLY language differences MAIS level education, repeatedly, at least one UN language and learning Ontario Still Time to thank Everybody IN mathematics and science cours particuliers à Lille .

Like The Day of United Nations Children pay leave days 19 hours 30-06 hours 00 and returned, like the Social aspects of education IN the afternoon free. All school clubs Some join the UN club of skiing, kayaking, horseback riding, circus classes, music classes, rock climbing - A series of activities, The Free Choice, if the child wants them to Stay at home during the night cours particuliers à Marseille.

ASK UN of our children if they returned to England and will fly pour person say, Because Of the beauty of the landscape OR the beautiful environment of the education they ONLY BECAUSE accept the Offer, freedom and now more choices and opportunities.

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