Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Quoizel lighting

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As a leader in space, guest room should have a flexible lighting system. Thus, the light can create an atmosphere of space choices: formal, semi formal, or intimate. 

Not all the guest status of friends or relatives. For guests who do not get too close or only known, more formal atmosphere suitable. Similarly, if the visitor is a co-worker who wants to talk business. Formal atmosphere in the room generated by the lighting of a general nature. That is, lighting that can illuminate the entire room evenly. Uneven lighting will support the functions of the living room as a formal meeting room.

To create a formal atmosphere lighting, we need armatur types of downlights. The number of points and the distance the light on the ceiling depending on the area of space and power (watts) each lamp. Required a careful calculation of the ratio of the number of power points and lights to create a bright space evenly. Typically, the more points the lights, the smaller the power of each lamp is attached. Vice versa, the fewer points the light is created, the greater the power needed.
Besides requiring an orderly armatur according to needs, formal atmosphere in the room generated by the light color choices. To give an impression of light and no glare formal, can be used lamps that provide bright white color. To this can be chosen as a white fluorescent lamp downlight.

Downlight chandelier can be added as an accent to illuminate a table and sofa. If the artwork hanging on the wall paintings or photographs, may find this object. Highlight this object with lights spotlight.

The story would be different if you want to show the living room atmosphere is more relaxed, intimate, and romantic. To evoke this atmosphere of dominance required a Quoizel lighting. Type of lighting can be generated by placing a few lights on the corners of the room. For example, spotlights to illuminate the art object, a standing lamp or desk lamp to illuminate the space angle, as well as indirect lamp hidden in the ceiling, walls, or floor to produce an artistic refraction of light.

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