Thursday, October 21, 2010


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I remember my aunt before has a Xerox copier that he had been for business and since the generation and technology and scientists and inventors upgrade everything here on earth that even a typewriter into the computer and then the Internet becomes the source of everything, is amazing how time flies so do not notice how fast the technology takes us to our generation to enjoy today. Anyways, a friend wanted to start a business and I suggested that he try something that most entrepreneurs can appreciate. I said how about leaflet printing or sells a printer? He agreed with what I suggested before the day ends and we both find ourselves doing some research on printing brochures for employers who most needed a flyer for their business. They use it as an advertisement and distribute to the public. We also check litho printing stratigraphic and now I know! Now I know what lithostratigraphic printing, I have heard that word from hubby because they use lithography to some of their projects. I'm happy today and I learn new things! So, every time you want to start a business, research and learning. For individuals who managed a good listener! Right?

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