Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Getting the Tens Machine Hire

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There are many ways to ease the pain on ourselves. The Tens Machine has now become a popular option for people who wish to relieve the pain that they are feeling, especially those who suffer from persistent or chronic pain. Although there have been many studies carried out as to the effective ness of this machine in which some it concludes that they do seem to help alleviate pain for some people, but in others it does not. Therefore further research does need to be carried out to clarify the role of this machine in modern day medicine and its effectiveness.

It however seems the Tens Machine does seem popular in helping to deal with various painful conditions and the popularity of the machine would certainly imply that seem effective in helping to reduce pain that people are feeling. However, the amount of pain relief that is provided by the machine is likely to vary from patient to patient, even those who are being treated for the same condition. If you want to try, you can getting the Tens Machine Hire at

A TENS (Transcutaneous which means “through the skin”) machine works by sending small electrical pulses through the body via electrodes placed on the skin. It is thought that Tens Machine affects the way that pain signals are sent to the brain. All pain signals that the brain receives are sent via the nerves and the spine of a person’s body and therefore if the pain signals can be blocked then the brain is likely to receive fewer signals from where the pain source originates from, which results in the patient feeling less pain.

It is thought that a Tens Machine works in two ways. Firstly, when the machine is set on a high pulse rate of 90-130Hz it will trigger the “pain gate” to close and this in turn is thought to block the pain nerve path to the brain and this seems to be the normal use for this machine. However, if the machine was set on a low pulse rate say 2-5Hz it will stimulate the patients body into making its own pain easing chemicals called endorphins. They act in a similar way to morphine by blocking the pain signals to the brain. Besides, we also must be vigilant, not all equipment can function properly.

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