Sunday, May 22, 2011

Playing Golf

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Sports are many different choices and variety, one of golf. Some time ago I was invited by my friend to try to play Golf. It was my first time playing golf. Actually I ever saw golf on television. It was because I still did not have golf equipment, then my friend lent it to me. Indeed, on the golf course there was also a place that lends golf equipment, but because my friend lent me the golf equipment so I did not have to borrow golf equipment there. The first time I played golf, I found it was very difficult to hit correctly. I even felt that it was very difficult to enter the golf ball into the hole. But I enjoyed it quite a bit. I felt that the difficulties to enter a golf ball into the hole made it interesting. To carry the golf equipment on the golf course my friend uses Jucad Carbon so he would not feel tired because he had to bring the golf equipment.

But, I brought my own golf equipment since the first time I played golf, so I did not know that we can use Jucad Carbon to bring our golf equipment. Since that time, I began to collect money to buy my own golf equipment. It was because I thought borrow the golf equipment on the field would spend my money and I thought that I could save money with buying their own golf equipment so I do not need to borrow. I plan to buy it on the internet, after I saw many websites I decided to buy golf equipment in I took several months to collect the money to buy golf equipment, but finally managed to buy it after I became used to go to court to practice golf. After I have my own golf equipment, I choose to practice alone too at Chiemsee in Germany. I wish that I could have better skills than my friend. But, I still continue to play with my friend at other golf course too. With a spirit that is in us, can make ourselves better. because with the will and spirit can make us better.

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